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"Game server is not responding" What? Again? Panic takes over you while you think your char might have died at the hands of the creatures you killed once and again just a little bit ago. Your thoughts start planning how to retrieve your loot quickly in case the worst happens. You can see yourself buying blessings already, and the little window does not go away. It is, at least, a way to keep you company that the game currently has, while you cry over the (not yet confirmed) death of your char. Until that window does not go away, you will be like Schrödinger's cat, just less famous, and with more chocolate cake on your system (yes, we know you eat chocolate cake to fight the anxiety that lags and kicks give you). (If you don't, it doesn't matter, go buy something to eat and keep reading).

From as long as anyone can remember, kicks have plagued online games, specially Tibia. It is not only frustrating the fact that you press a button and see how your char does everything with a 10 second delay, that already feels like an eternity when you're trying to heal. No, that would be mild. The worst comes when your char is left completely isolated in that mysterious land called the Tibia server. Like a ship stranded on a hostile planet. Abandoned to your own luck. Not being able to move. With your crown helmet and your bonelord shield decorating your cold body on the floor of the cave. While CipSoft owners have fun on their yacht, that they bought with your premmy, and with the premmy of many others, savoring the advantages of having a game that fails all the time without they caring for it at all... or... that's what we should say on the forums, right?


I am lucky to have my network fail while I'm on a boat.

Really, having a game that fails, knowing that it fails, does not make much sense. All rational companies, CipSoft included (yes, CipSoft is a rational company even if most of us don't want to believe it), try that their product, whether its a communications service, or a document processing service or even a game, is always operating. Why? Because stopping and restarting services like a game server is costly, it costs time. Because you have to dig through seemingly infinite text files to find out what happened, to see why did the server fail this time. Maybe there's a point where you stop checking, and hire a company to do it for you, and you focus on making outfits and polls about cake. But it still matters to you that your servers are functional. Thing is, the games market is based on quality. The game that fails the least will have a huge positive edge with people who hate kicks (those are not few). Tibia, like every company, moves in that direction.

Now, does it move fast enough? No. But Tibia has never been fast. In 20 years of life the game has we still have 4 vocations. That should give you an idea and tell you that changes in Tibia take time. Passion aside, if I connect today, and then in 2 years, obviously I will see lots of changes, I will go complain to the forums "game is deddd" and I will keep doing whatever it is I did in those two years I didn't play. I can't complain if Tibia doesn't fix the kicks for me. After all, I almost never login. But that's not the most common case with people who complain, and that's where the flipside of the coin lies.

See, when you join Tibia you accept a document, some conditions that state Tibia, or rather CipSoft, doesn't have any obligation whatsoever to respond about kicks or lags (basically, it says that with other words but read it and you will see what I mean). They mention something about uninterrupted service. CipSoft does want to offer it because it is a possitive market trait, but it is not obliged to do so. And that's where most players fail. Because when they die and lose three levels (let's be honest, who goes to hunt without blessings?) they go to the forums and demand immediate compensation. And once again, CipSoft gives it, because it is a possitive market trait. But if they decide not to give it, then things get crazy, and CipSoft turns out to be a bad company on the eyes of those people. Even if they are not right.


Tibia has enabled workarounds against DDoS attacks.

If you read this, probably you want to burn me at the stake now. "How dare you, Araluxie! Kicks are the worst!" Yes, I agree. But tell me something. What else can you do other than wait, or play something else? Because kicks are out of your control as a player, but they are also out of CipSoft's control in many cases. And we all know that, if we are on this website, we have some level of addiction to Tibia. Why do kicks affect us so much then?

Ah, well, a reason could be that playing Tibia is not great anymore if you're standing on the same spot. Training is dead. Manasitting is dead. Rather, it was killed. There is no roleplaying. Now it's all leveling, leveling and gossiping about the one who leveled and didn't want to show you a door. All those "Char Lover" activities, as many call them, were the best you could do during kicks, that by the way, are not new. It's much easier for a game that's basically a science project than a commercial scale game like today's Tibia to fail. Yet both fail, and when that happens most people thinks OH I CANT LEVEL WHAT DO I DO NOW?

This, this simplification of the way of playing is indeed CipSoft's fault. But that's where the creativity of players should come into play. If you have lag and see you can't level, go make bread, or read hidden books, or take pictures of your Tibian house, or visit friends on a guildhall. Organize your depot or your house if you don't have friends. Or who knows? Go get a bit of sunlight. Tibia has two suns but they will never tan you. Try to come up with activities that don't depend on network stability to be enjoyed, and when the network is stable again, hunt.

Or who knows? Go to the forums. Almost no one posts on forums now, at least on the server I used to play. All are threads of "someguy hunted" "somedude free". Really? Can't even make a forum game anymore? At least one where you guess the next word or make a story with a sentence or what do I know? Is it that much "Char Lover" of a thing? What I believe is that the Tibian community on its majority, striving to seem tough and badass, have forgotten what it means to enjoy the game. It's better to be in war, fight, heck even in Optional PvP there's people fighting, but no one stops to plan the next event of the server (there are exceptions and I am infinitely grateful for the existance of these people, they are a light in the darkness of the present Tibian community)


You can activate this protection on your login screen.

Stop complaining, yes it's bad, very bad for the game to fail, but as I see it, you can complain and spend hours standing in Yalahar depot contemplating your bitterness, or you can try to do the best you can with what you have, and yes, if someday CipSoft can improve not only the quality of the network connection but LOTS OF OTHER THINGS THEY HAVE TO IMPROVE then go hunt and get level 7000. But stop complaining so much, because in the end it's only a game. And this is difficult, but games are meant to be fun. As long as they stop being fun, they stop being games. Don't let Tibia become a no-game with your attitude.

And you guys at CipSoft: Fix the servers? Maybe it's time already to hire a more competent company to counteract lags and kicks? I hope the network stability is not sold with a scroll during the next months via the WebShop. I really don't think you guys would do that but I'll try to be on my guard. You know, I still am not over the exp boost thing.

See you lat...


PS: After writing this article, but before publishing it, CipSoft released two news about things aimed to alleviate the effects of lags and kicks towards players, and also make them less likely to happen. It is true that some steps they took before made the kicks worse (according to one of the articles), however, they were quick on reverting them and look for alternative solutions. I think these are steps on the right direction, despite not being definitive solutions. I hope we see solutions that fast towards other problems that affect the game and the Tibian Community. Hope is the last thing to be lost. Well, and the connection to the server...
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